Christmas Tree Mason Jar Votive – Christmas Tree Cut Out Mason Jar. 

Christmas Tree Mason Jar Votive


There are days I wish I owned a vinyl cutting machine …


and one such day was when I made these Christmas tree cut out mason jars.


Mason Jar Holiday Crafts - Christmas Tree Cut Out Votive


But vinyl cutting machines are pricey. And I can’t imagine that I would use them that often.

Although …

these new smooth sided mason jars from Ball Canning certainly do open up a lot of vinyl cutter options and ideas. 🙂



I also imagine the vinyl cutting machines might take up a lot of space. And, honestly, I barely have space for a printer here in my space-challenged home.

So, what’s a vinyl-cutting-machine-less person to do when they want to create a Christmas tree mason jar votive with a Christmas tree cut out?

She gets creative with what she has on hand …


How To Make A Christmas Tree Mason Jar Votive

(without a vinyl cutting machine)



Quarts(Pints & Quarts)

Red Chalky Paint & Green Chalky Paint

Painter’s Tape

Christmas Tree Stencil (you can download here)


Paint Brush

Epsom Salt & Epsom Salt

White Jingle Bells

Baker’s Twine

*some affiliate links included.


I overlapped three pieces of painter’s tape on the bottom side of the mason jar box. Make sure edges are sealed tight. This will be the base to make your faux vinyl Christmas tree sticker.


Then I printed out my Christmas Tree and cut it out. I traced the shape onto the painter’s tape. You can download and print your own Christmas Tree cutout by clicking here …


Then I cut out the Christmas tree shape.


And applied to the Smooth Sided mason jars. Use a credit card to seal edges tightly before painting. This will help reduce any paint bleeding through the sticker.


I gave the jars two coats of chalky finish paint (found mine at the craft store). The great thing about this paint is it dries quickly. You can also use acrylic craft paint but the finish will be streakier – especially once you add the candle.


Once dry, I removed the tape. Now, I realize it’s not perfectly perfect. And I had touch up a bit on the red jar (which is much more visible once you add the tea light, as you can see in the photo below):


Add Epsom salt and tea lights. And enjoy!


Oh, and Ball canning is offering a $3 off holiday coupon on the purchase of mason jars. Just click here to print out your coupon.

Christmas Tree Mason Jar Votive - Christmas Tree Cut Out Candles @Mason Jar Crafts Love

Christmas Tree Mason Jar Votive


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