Creatively use available pallets to design plant stand for your garden. It will be a cheap way to decorate your garden.

Outdoor Plant Stand with a Pallet

Turning an old wooden pallet into a plant stand will take less time, because there is no need to arrange specialized material. The project will help you to reuse something that could be treated as discarded material. The plant stand is used in the interior part of your house to elegantly display indoor potted plants. It can also be used in the outdoor area to provide an interesting texture to your garden. You can paint the pallet to complement your decor or leave it in the natural color. For this purpose, cut the slats to the required lengths and put them together with the nails while leaving some space in the bottom of the soil drainage.

Outdoor Plant Stand with a Pallets

Pallets Outdoor Plant Stand

You can paint the stand or leave it for natural feel. There are many uses for the pallet, because you can make garden planter and compost bins. Place garden container on the pallet for the protection of plants and containers from sizzling pavements. It will improve the air flow around the pot of plants. You can construct a cold frame out of pallet to protect the plants during the winter months.

Pallets Outdoor Plant Stand DIY

Pallets Outdoor Plant Stand – Images Via

Pallet will keep the things high and dry in the lawn to maximize the drainage. It can be used to keep boxes and tools away from the dampness. It will be a great option for the damp basement and outdoor storage shed.


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