Wood pallet will prove really helpful to decorate your house, because you can design different furniture with the help of little creativity.

Do not underestimate the decorative power of the pallet, because these durable woods are available in the shipping yard, and enable you to create furniture for your living room. Stack the available pallets and sand as well as paint them to get a smooth and beautiful finish. If you want to design a pen for your animals, such as dogs, goats and chickens, you can use pallet wood. Long wood screws and L-brackets are required to connect the pallet. It will be a great choice for you to design wood fences for yards and gardens. Decorate the pallets with iron brackets and 8 inch trenches. You can leave it in the natural color, or paint the fence in white color to get unique appearance.

Creative Bed of Pallet Wood

Creative Chair of Pallet Wood

Creative Creation of Pallet Wood

Creative Desk of Pallet Wood

You can use rustic and contemporary themes to design furniture with tables with a glass-top desk. Stack pallets are available in different looks, such as pyramid, box and rectangular. If you are worried about pallet corners, then use rubber bumpers and set a thick beveled glass top of the structure for the durable and creative desk or table. The single dismantle table proves helpful to design a side table. Remove the slates from one side of the pallet and check different frame pieces to design the table legs. You can create a work of art by painting stars and stripes on the pallet. Make a bulletin board with the help of single sided pallet.

Creative Uses of Pallet Wood

Creative Uses of Pallet Wood – Images: facebook.com/thepowerofpallets


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