I am always on the look out for new and interesting ideas for planters.  Nurseries and Plant shops have lots of them, of course, but it is also great to see re-purposed items used as planters. These lovely Bird Cage Planters fit that bill just beautifully.

Charming Bird Cage Planters

Bird Cage Planters Turn Trash into Treasure.

Whether you use modern ones, or find old antique styles, when you turn unused bird cages into Bird Cage Planters, you will have a unique and unusual garden decor idea that is sure to draw compliments.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Turn an old bird cage into a succulent planter

This charming bird cage is lined with moss and planted with succulents to give it a new lease of life. See how to make the succulent bird cage planter here.

Vintage bird cage and Succulents - from Organized clutter

Carlene from Organized Clutter has a great vintage bird cage planted with succulents.  I love the contrast of the black iron and bright green colors.  See more of this decoration theme over at Organized Clutter.

bird cage planters


bird cage plantersI love this one.  Dusty green paint bird cage planter with a variety of succulents– one of my favorite plants to use in this type of project, since they don’t need a lot of watering..  Source:  All Things Plants.

Bird Cage planter on a garden wall.Sue from Flea Market Gardening on Facebook also asks her fans to submit their handiwork. This great bird cage planter was made by one of her fans, Jeannie Merritt. Jeannie found the bird cage for a dollar on her way home from church and made the great transformation.  See the project at Flea Market Gardening.


Lovely planter used in an indoor setting.  Just put your plant inside in a pot and remove when you need to water.  Source: Decor Love.

birdcage4This decorative design with a pointed roof is embellished with acrylic butterflies for an unusual effect. Source:  Flickr.

birdcage5I love the way the ivy dangles down from the planter in this design.  Source: The Balcony Gardener – CICO books.

Bird cage planter with succulents

Another old bird cage planted with succulents.  This one is in between rainstorms.  Shared by my friend Jacki at Blue Fox Farm.

Which of these is your favorite? Have you turned a bird cage into a planter for your gardener?  Please share your ideas in the comments section below.


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