While we’d love to be escaping to a tropical one at the moment, today we’re talking about the kitchen variety of islands. Kitchen islands can be great for having extra space to spread out onto, for having a place for someone to sit and keep you company, to continue the style of your home, or even to house additional appliances.

Just like homes, kitchen islands can vary wildly in size. From the tiniest (for an aptly named home), to a massive one fit for a commercial kitchen — and varying in styles from rustic to glamorous, mobile and stationary — we’ve got them running the gamut. What’s your kitchen island style? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites in different shapes and styles so you can best decide! —Rebekah

The Kitchen Island In deVol's Showroom Is One Of Our Dreams On Design*Sponge


deVol’s stunning London showroom features a kitchen island that looks like it was torn right out of a modern Jane Austen novel. Historic, yet with all the creature comforts of today. We love the blue as well. This kitchen demonstrates how a kitchen island can also be a great spot for a pop of color!

The Bitty Berkeley's Kitchen Certainly Lives Up To Its Name On Design*Sponge


The Bitty Berkeley Bungalow has a tiny mobile kitchen island that acts as an additional work surface as well as storage. Having a kitchen island that can move (regardless of its size) is always a convenient option to have.

A Kitchen Island With Room To Spare On Design*Sponge


The Cunha family’s kitchen island pretty much has it all! It has room for people to sit, storage that allows you to see anything you need, a sink, and a gorgeous countertop you can utilize for a myriad of purposes.

A Kitchen Island With A Pop Of Color On Design*Sponge


We love Susie and Scott Brown’s all-white kitchen that features a darker island color, which is perfect for where people will be sitting. No scuff marks here!

All White Kitchen In Former Barn On Design*Sponge


Ian and Lindsay Kujawa’s Southern California kitchen features an island that is certainly functional, but also blends into its surroundings, making it feel incognito.

A Petite Kitchen Island With Just What You Need On Design*Sponge


Ellie Horwell Roche’s North London home features a slim and sleek kitchen island that still has enough room for open storage on one side and seating on the other.

A Kitchen Island With Concrete Countertops On Design*Sponge


Mark and Paige McEwan have a kitchen island with concrete countertops. We love the feature at the end for books. Naturally, you would think for cookbooks, but this storage nook would also be perfect for kids’ books or homework! The cozy stools are a nice juxtaposition to the cool concrete.

Modern Meets Classic In This Kitchen On Design*Sponge


Samantha and Jonah Arcade’s Park Slope brownstone is the perfect balance between new and vintage, or historic and modern. Really, anytime we have an excuse for a library ladder we’re happy! This beautiful kitchen island, with marble that reaches all the way down to the floor, also has a dishwasher and stunning brass faucet for the sink. When you have a kitchen this lovely, does it make you a better cook by association?


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