January 21, 2020
 Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?
 DIY Gift Box Tutorial
I’m all about handmade, valentines included!
Create these sweet valentines with die cuts, twine, brands and mini photo canvases.
If you’re new to Photoshop, check out a Video Tutorial Here. 
 DIY Gift Box Tutorial

DIY Sweethearts Gift Box

1. Download the FREE Sweethearts Gift Box& print on white card stock

2. Cut out the box and score on the dotted lines

3. Place a treat inside the bottom of the box, place the top on, and wrap together with twine

4. Optional: embellish your gift box – I added a felt flower and love ticket

DIY Gift Box Tutorial

P.S. Happy Valentines!


These little boxes would be adorable for party favors and little Valentines.
Here is another simple and adorable project that you can find over at Life-n-Reflection.
 Check out her DIY Clip Board.
You are going to love her.
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Thank you Kristy and have a wonderful day my friends!


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