One of my favorite things to do on Sunday morning is to meet friends for breakfast or brunch and catch up on the week.  Normally, we go out to a variety of restaurants and alternate each week between them.

This DIY summer mason jar vase project is perfect for my summer brunch table. See the tutorial at week, I wanted to have our friends over to our house for breakfast.  I’ve been gardening like a mad woman and wanted to share my progress with my friends.

I needed something to decorate our patio table. What better way than this simple mason jar vase project with some fresh flowers just cut from the garden?

The project could not be simpler to do.  To make it all you need are:

    • 2 reused pint sized mason jars (affiliate link)
    • glass rocks in varied colors – I got mine at Michael’s but our affiliate amazon has them tool
    • satin ribbon 1/4″ wide in colors to match the rocks  (affiliate link)
    • fresh flowers

Supplies for the mason jar projectDirections:

I used yellow and orange gaillardia and blue salvia for my flowers.   They matched my rocks beautifully.

Gaillardia and salvia make the perfect color combinationStart by placing the glass rocks in the bottom of clean old mason jars. Be sure to have the colors split well between the vases. The rocks will anchor the flower cuttings in place.

Rocks fill the bottom of the mason jars to anchor the flower cuttings.

Cut two lengths of the ribbon about 14 inches long and make a knot just under the lip of the jar.  Trim the ends in two lengths and add a diagonal cut.

2 colors of ribbon add a decorative touch to the mason jars

Add a few inches of water and arrange the flowers.  Easy peasy and cute as can be!

Fill with water and add fresh flowers

Multi colored cutlery, napkins and rattan place mats compliment the colors of the rocks.  My brunch table is just waiting for my friends to arrive.

DIY mason jar planters add a nice touch to a summer brunch tableOne of the beauties of this project is that the rocks will match so many colors.  You can redo the ribbon for a totally different look in minutes too.  I added black eyed Susans, mealycup sage and moonflower for a slightly different look in this planter.

Black eyed susan, mealy cup sage and moon flower make a nice mason jar vase.

For another fun project, please visit my Mason Jar Easter Bunny Treat Jars.


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