Last week, I shared with you 36 Creative Door Decor Ideas {Not a Wreath}. After putting together that post, I was inspired to come up with my own original not-a-wreath door decor idea! I absolutely love how this project turned out. And I thought it was an original idea, but just a moment ago as I was trying to figure out what to entitle this post I saw from Google images that other creatives have beat me to it. Womp womp. Ah well, great minds think alike in the DIY/craft/home niche and it happens all the time. I hope you feel inspired after today’s post to make your own 3D wood letter monogram “wreath”! This tutorial can be adapted to any straight-line letter in the alphabet. (If you have a curved letter that you wanted to try, then you would need to steam bend the wood which is tricky and beyond the scope of this tutorial.) Let’s get crafting! How to make a wood letter

What You Will Need:

  • 1/2″ or 3/4″ 2×2 piece of plywood
  • 4 sheets of Balsa Wood 36”x1/4”x4”
  • Wood glue and hot glue
  • Tape measure and T-square
  • Tools:
    • Drill
    • Band saw, table saw, or jig saw
  • Valspar 12-oz Thistle Field Satin Spray Paint and respirator
  • D-ring picture hangers
  • (Optional) moss, faux flowers or succulents for filler

Step 1: Measure and draw your monogram.

I chose to make my “H” 16 inches wide. It just looked about right to me. I then made the width 4″ all around. Just use a T-square or ruler to draw your letter onto the wood. Measurements for oversized letter H.jpg

Draw monogram letter on to wood

Step 2: Cut your wood using your choice of saw.

I used my table saw and a mini-circular saw to cut out the “H”. In order to ensure that I ran my wood in a straight line, I measured and clamped a piece of wood to my table. This worked as a perfect guide for the wood. Once your letter is cut out, sand any imperfect edges. How to cut out wood letter

Step 3: Cut balsa wood and glue into place.

Take your sheets of balsa (found at a craft store) and cut to size. Glue the sheets in place using wood glue and hot glue. I did not have corner clamps to hold the wood together so used a bit of hot glue to ensure that my wood stayed together while it dried. How to make 3D wood letter

Step 4: Spray paint letter.

I used painter’s pyramids underneath my letter to keep it off of the ground while painting. You could use whatever pieces of wood, tin cans, etc. that you have on hand. Put on your respirator (ALWAYS!) and spray your letter with light coats. I used Valspar 12-oz Thistle Field Satin Spray Paint which is a primer and paint in one. It’s nice to be able to skip the priming step! Make your own oversized wood letter

Step 5: Attach D-rings to back.

You could stop right here if you’d like! The letter looks cute on it’s own. Attach d-ring hooks to hang

Step 6: Line with moss.

This is optional, but I think it gives a more finished product. I had moss on hand in my craft supply stash and just hot-glued it to the inside of my letter. Tutorial how to make oversized wood letter

Step 7: Prepare your filler.

Faux succulents are expensive! I purchased a wreath at Joann’s at 50% for $25 and tore it apart. It was more money than I wanted to spend but I had my heart set on succulents and it was the cheapest route I could find for the amount needed. Use succulent wreath as filler Take apart wreath

Now step back and admire the adorableness you just whipped up! To hang my letter, I tied a ribbon onto the D-ring hooks and hung it from a nail in my door. I am in love with how springy and beautiful it looks. Door decor oversized letter monogram succulent wreath It looks so pretty with my snap dragon planters and is such a warm welcome when I come home. DIY oversized letter with succulents Here is a close-up of all those gorgeous faux succulents. I am thrilled that I don’t have to water them :). DIY letter wreath tutorial
Isn’t is cute? Thanks for stopping by and checking it out. And thanks to Lowes for challenging me to come up with an original door decor idea! Make your own 3D oversized letter

More DIY ideas at Lowe’s Creative Ideas, follow Lowe’s on Instagram, Pinterest and sign up for the Creative Ideas magazine and app!


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