Wood pallets are easily available at a nominal cost, and you can use them to design heavy products for different purposes. It is good to design loft bed.

Wood pallets are frequently available and you can use them for DIY furniture. Loft beds are particularly designed to save the floor space. It has a resemblance to a bunk bed without any bottom. The beds are suitable for homes with less space, and can be designed in a day or two. It is designed to save floor space and with twin mattress measurements, such as 38 inches wide, 8 inches thick and 76 inches long. It is important to measure the height of ceiling to determine the height of the bed. Carefully take all measurements to design your loft bed. Prefinished lumber can be used, but do not forget to sand it before using.

Loft Bed Made of Pallet 2

Loft Bed Made of Pallet 3

Loft Bed Made of Pallet 4

Loft Bed Made of Pallet

Images Via: facebook.com/TexasPalletDesigns

You have to build three separate sections, including two legs and one loft platform before assembling anything. The legs will work Pokemon Go Hack as a ladder and you have to start the first leg section by laying two posts of 8-foot-by-4-inch-by-4-inch. You can mark everything with the help of a pencil or chalk mark. Arrange all important tools like hammer, screws, sand paper and different other gears according to your needs to make your work easy. Make measurements and cut the wood according to your needs. Attach the plywood to support the planks for the creation of a ledge less platform. Assemble the loft in the highest part of your room before standing up, and ensure the right level before placing the matters on it.


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