November 17, 2018
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Fun Summer Wreath Tutorial

Time to make a Summer Wreath! Here in our hometown it is getting hot already… This week we were over 100º! Even though Summer is not officially here it surely feels like it. This week I made a wreath for a welcome Summer Party that we’ll be having soon. It is so fun!

Summer Wreath Tutorial from It was made with items from the Dollar Store.

I bought all the materials over at our local Dollar Store. To make this wreath I used a straw skirt, felt flower coasters, flip flops, foam glasses, paper umbrellas, ribbon, pins, and a wreath.

Summer Wreath Tutorial from So cute!

The first thing I did was to wrap the wreath with the straw skirt. I used pins to keep the loose pieces  in place.

Summer Wreath Tutorial from So cute!

Then I pinned the felt coasters to half of the wreath. I love the pop of color!

Summer Wreath Tutorial from So cute!

To embellish the other half I hot glued the flip flop , glasses and umbrellas to the wreath.

Summer Wreath Tutorial from So cute!

This is how it looked at this point… Adorable!

Summer Wreath Tutorial from So cute!

To finish the wreath we added some ribbon and the letters to spell Summer… Easy, quick and summerlicious!

I hope this wreath tutorial puts you in the Summer mood and inspires you to start bringing bright colors for the new season into your homes.

Summer Wreath Tutorial from So cute!

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Wishing you all a colorful day!




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