If you aiming to re-decorate your space, the primary issue that involves mind should be painting. There are plenty of cheap and straightforward  painting techniques that you’llapply.It is straightforward however it does’nt mean it’ll be unhealthy. Trust me, you’ll produce terribly stylish look with these painting ideas.

1- You can use Tape

You can produce wonderful shapes with a band. the sole factor can you would like is tape!

painting with tape


You can produce superb patterns with stencil


3- Sponge Paint

In my opinion,Sponge painting is that the best thanks to produce pattern.The patterns created with sponge painting are going to be uncommon.

sponge painting idea

sponge painting

painting with sponge

4- You can also use the newspaper to create the pattern

if wish|you would like|you wish} to color your wall accents and you are doing not want to use the sponge.Newspapers is also the best answer for you

painting with newspaper

5- Crinkle Painting Technique

This speedy-to-apply end involves compounding paint with glaze, applying it over a base coat with a roller, and so pressing, bunching, and part removing the mixture with sheets of plastic.(Source)

Crinkle Painting Technique



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