Heuchera is a Native American perennial plant that is found all over the country.  It is more commonly known as Coral Bells and comes in many shades of purple, rose, green and variegated varieties.  It makes a wonderful display in any shade garden and, although it does flower, it is grown more for the leaves.   I have several varieties growing in the shady spots in my garden beds.

Heuchera - coral bells makes a great shade garden plant

Heuchera – Perennial also known As Coral Bells

Heuchera is popular because it is easy to grow, adaptableand looks great.  It is also hardy to zone 4 and considered to be somewhat deer resistant, which is a plus if you have deer that wander into your gardens.

One of the things that I love about them is that they grow beautifully in a shade garden on the north side of my house that gets very little sun. They even flower in this spot!


How to grow Coral bells:

  • Zones 4 to 8
  • Sunlight:  Heuchera can take full sun to partial shade
  • Mature size of the plant is about 12-18″
  • Blooms –  The plant blooms from late spring to early summer (Flowers are small bell-shaped flowers on tall stalks)
  • Divide every three years to keep the plants vigorous. Divisions transplant easily, especially in the early spring and fall months.

Here are some additional photos of Coral bells taken by Janie Newton Teel on a Garden Tour of Stott Garden in Goshen Indiana.


Heuchera is a real feature of these gardens.  I love all the varieties of coral bells that they have growing!Close up of Heuchera

Every garden can be made more beautiful with the addition of Heucheras and this is the year for you to add some to your garden.  Do you have one in your garden? Paths lined with Heuchera in Stott Garden

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