Treat your Child to these Fun Kids Crafts

Doing kids crafts with children is a lot of fun. It requires some patience, since children like to have things done quickly but it also teaches patience and builds self esteem.

7 kid tested DIY projectsHere are some cute kids crafts from around the net that you may want to try with your child.  I love the look of all of them.  My baby is 23, so I can’t do them with her, but perhaps with a grand child one day!

kids craftsMagazine Christmas tree – Source –  How to do it

kid's craftsI love this one.  My daughter really enjoyed playing house and this project turns an old cabinet into a child’s Kitchen play set.  Source: Flickr

kid's craftsRemember these?  Why not make your own set?  DIY block stacker using old wood scraps.  Source: Bamboo Magazine

kid's craftsThese adorable DIY Garden Critter ornaments are fun to make and would look so cute in a garden bed.  Source:  Nellie Belliekid's craftsGive your kids a study incentive with these “Who is Studying Owl Door Hangers”:  Source:  Highlights

kid's craftsNo kid project list would be complete without a play dough recipe.  This one uses glitter…just because!  DIY Glitter Playdough Recipe: Source:  Celebrations

kid's craftsEven the messiest child would be eager to keep the bathroom floor tidy with this Cute DIY Tennis ball key or towel holder.  Source: Imgur

Looking for other projects to try with kids on a rainy weekend afternoon?  Our affilate Amazon has a great paperback that may give you some new ideas.


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