A decorative color that can be applied in the dark by mixing color with pure or different colors. This fluorescent colored paint gives a nice glow in the dark.

Color, light is absorbed throughout the day, giving a bright, light green or white light that darkens. There are other colors, but they look less serious. You can buy finished color. If you want to use a different color or hue, you can also add a “dim in the dark” color.

Under normal circumstances, the color will glow for about 10 years, although the luminosity will gradually decrease. The color no longer carries any health risks. There used to be – believe it or non-radioactive ingredients in certain types of paint … But today, all materials to make this paint are 100% safe and approved for health. And you can also opt for glowing stickers instead of color.

Glows in the dark… looks normal in the day. Perfect for not distracting from the look you like during the day while turning the night into something else. luminous skys bathroom… paints a glow in the dark sky light is creative inspiration for us.


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