Arrange a well-lit nook somewhere in the bedroom to take care of your beauty. With a bedroom make-up vanity with lights putting on cream, make-up and perfume will be a pure pleasure. Check the designs below. Is there a dressing table you fancy?

Bedroom makeup vanity with lights

Makeup Vanity Table with Lighted Mirror

Makeup vanity with lights

Vanity table in Hollywood style. Includes illuminated mirror, hooks for all kinds of jewelry and many drawers for storing personal items. Elegant and functional addition for bedrooms and others interiors according to taste.

Vanity set with lights

What a convenient way to do your make-up in a glamorous Hollywood style: this lighted vanity set with rich black finish and triple arched mirror will take your decor to a whole new level of sophistication.

Makeup vanity table with lighted mirror

A set that provides comfort while preparing a makeup. This bedroom set includes a piece of furniture with a storage drawer for cosmetics. It also includes a spacious top with a mirror and a comfortable, pink chair.

Bedroom makeup vanity with lights

Now you can finally enjoy the full comfort thanks to this amazing vanity mirror that sports the lighted structure and is more than enough to make you put your make up in the mornings with full visibility.

Makeup desk with lights

Extremely capacious white vanity set with seven wide felt-lined drawers and a lighted mirror with Hollywood style light bulbs framing. Ample of space to store make-up accessories; the worktop is spacious as well.

Bedroom makeup vanity with lights

Are you trying to create the beauty nook? This makeup station is in the closet space, so it’s save some space in bedroom or changing room. The mirrored sliding door and mirror behind desk make this room bigger.

Broadway lighted vanity makeup desk black vanity makeup tables p

Broadway Lighted Vanity Makeup Desk – Black – Vanity Makeup Tables – P …

Lighted vanity table

A decorative and functional vanity set designed for luxurious bedrooms. It provides storage space in one large compartment and in four storage drawers. It also offers a quite large top with a functional mirror.

Makeup vanity table with lights

If you want to feel like a movie star, you may want to take a glimpse at this vanity makeup mirror. The rectangle glass is embedded in the black frame, and surrounded by 16 light bulbs. Thanks to such a bright piece, you’ll be able to put your makeup without the slightest flaw.

Lighted makeup vanity table

Minimalistic dressing room. It is made of blanched wood and it has drawers and special racks intended to storage cosmetics, jewelry and accessories. Vanity table has mirror with original illumination which help you do you make up more precisely.

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Makeup dresser with mirror and lights

Makeup vanity set with a durable and simple table that includes a storage drawer. This drawer features practical compartments. Rectangular top is paired with a nice rectangular mirror. Neutral white color is very interesting and stylish.

Makeup table with lights

A very attractive and solid vanity desk with mirrored construction of drawers and walls. Its spacious top also includes a mirror, so the whole set is suitable for bedroom use. It allows for preparing an attractive makeup.

Makeup vanity lights

This fabulous dressing table with a mirror illuminated by large bulbs brings to mind an acting wardrobe. The beautiful wooden construction is functional, has built-in power outlets and is perfect for everyday use.

Vanity table with lights and mirror

Vanity table with bench. All elements of this set are finished in black color that looks good in any home decor. The table offers some storage space in its 11 drawers. Comfortable bench features a soft and thick seat with button tufting.

Makeup vanity with lights 2

Makeup vanity with lights

Vanity sets with lights

A gorgeous vanity set with lighting system mounted on both sides of a mirror. The set uses a lovely-polished frame with 1 small drawer, 1 smooth top, tapered legs, 1 rectangle mirror, 8 shiny bulbs and 1 matching ottoman.

Broadway lighted vanity makeup desk

Handy and functional addition to any bathroom – a cordless LED floor stand mirror on a tall pole with a handy shelf for cosmetics and a few racks to hang towels, providing a universal piece in an industrial style.

Vanity table with lights

Perfect mirror for your dressing table. Made with stuff from IKEA, so it’s cheap and reliable. Attached light bulbs provide great illumination when applying makeup. Appropriate both for a teenage girl as well as a grown woman.

White makeup vanity with lights

Bedroom Vanities – extraordinary bedroom makeup vanity

Makeup tables with lights

Vanity table for the bedroom and others interiors according to taste and need. Construction is made of wood. It is fitted with triple mirror and 9 drawers in various sizes for storing cosmetics and others personal items.

Bedroom vanity with lights

Shabby and chic design for a makeup vanity cabinet with a makeover, which gives it a new look. The vanity cabinet is fitted with a new coat of white paint, finished off with a floral arrangement at the top of the piece.

Makeup vanity set with lights

Stunning contemporary vanity set with a pink finish but a creamy tabletop. A lower part comprises of lots of drawers. Upper cabinets with drawers, shelves and glass doors are aslope against a large square mirror (with 2 sconces) in the middle.

Vanity desk with mirror and lights

My wife needed a vanity for everyday make-up. Why not? I found this beautiful mirrored dresser with shiny glass finish and many drawers for her cosmetics. With the lucite chair it looks stunning and glamour.

Makeup vanity set with lighted mirror

This bedroom makeup vanity with lights creates a magical, fairytale-like climate, ideal to start your day like a princess! A fabulous proposition for all contemporary bedrooms.

Vanity table with lighted mirror

If you want to feel like a movie star while putting up your makeup, now you can, with this elegant vanity mirror. This rectangle mirror is embedded in the metal frame, and brightened up by 13 large bulbs that generate quite a strong light.

Vanity mirror with lights for bedroom

A real diva needs a proper makeup vanity. This one here is white and sleek, made from lacquered material to cast beautiful light reflexes. The big mirror is very practical, while the soft, white stool on acrylic legs will provide you with the comfort you deserve.

Vanity desk with lights

With this extravagant mirror, you will be doing your makeup like a movie star. The rectangle mirror has a bright light surrounding the whole piece, allowing you to flawlessly care for your beauty.

Professional makeup vanity with lights

Fake Natural Light…Fake Natural Light If you don’t have enough natural light, Farooq recommends buying 85-105 watt bulbs with fluorescent lighting. “These mimic natural light,” Farooq says. Look for white fluorescent bulbs; lights with a yellow tinge al

Vanities for bedroom with lights

Roundup: Awesome Vanities and Makeup Tables

Vanity set with mirror and lights

A glamorous vanity table and an elegant mirror. A table features a black finish with a croc-skin design. It has a recessed top and size-varied drawers with small metal knobs. A triple-arched lighted mirror has edges of mirror tiles in black frames.

Makeup vanities with lights

An amazing addition for every teenage girl, who loves spending her time in front of a mirror. The mirror is embedded in a rectangle frame that is equipped with 12 shining bulbs, and an on/off switch.

Bedroom makeup vanity


Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

White vanity with lights

BeautyByLeti | DIY Vanity with Mirror Hollywood lights

Vanity set with lighted mirror

DIY Lighted makeup vanity mirror. I so want to make one of these!

We have all seen the gorgeous vanity makeup tables by

we have all seen the gorgeous vanity makeup tables by vanity girl …

Light up makeup vanity

Nice master bathroom layout – I’d use different colours, but like the idea!

Makeup vanity table with lights

makeup vanity table with lights

Makeup vanity with lighted mirror

Closet with modern vanity. I know I’ve posted many pictures if these before, but THIS if the vanity i will have isaac build me.

Cute makeup vanity table with lights is free hd wallpaper

cute makeup vanity table with lights is free hd wallpaper cute makeup …

Vanities with lights

Photos of the Bedroom Makeup Vanity with Lights

Bedroom vanity set with lights

this, in front of a window (for lighting) with a couple of woven baskets under would be the most perfect makeup vanity…I would need a tv at a good angle to the mirror though…I get bored when getting ready πŸ™‚

Louis Phillipe Vanity Set with Mirror

Louis Phillipe Vanity Set with Mirror
This awesome vanity set with mirror would be a great decoration for every kind of bedroom. It’s not only super stylish, but also very functional! You will fall in love with the new design and comfort in your house.

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Vanity set with mirror and lights

Picture of Vanity Mirror with Lights

18 photos of the buy best cheap lighted makeup vanity

18 Photos of the Buy Best Cheap Lighted Makeup Vanity Sets with Mirror …

Makeup dresser with lights

precious in pink… dressing room w/herringbone flooring, white armoire, desk, ottoman & billowing pink drapes

Make up desk ideas

Bedroom Vanities – 10 Extraordinary Makeup Vanity For Bedroom …

Set bedroom makeup vanity with lights

set bedroom makeup vanity with lights

Master bath traditional bathroom other metro design by courtney llc

Master Bath – traditional – bathroom – other metro – Design by Courtney, LLC

Vanity desk with lighted mirror

Vanity corner LiveLoveDIY: Bedroom Ideas: How To Decorate On a Budget

Every woman needs a proper makeup vanity, that’s a fact. The ones that come with lights attached are even better, as they are a real dream come true for most women. Let us elaborate a bit on how they are better than the standard makeup kit, and how will they easily turn a makeup session into the highlight of a day for any woman!

First of all, it’s important to mention the main asset of a bedroom makeup vanity with lights – it’s as ergonomic as they get. By that, we mean such vanities make the most out of the space they take. Some people think they couldn’t possibly fit a full-sized makeup vanity into their bedroom, but it turns out they could very well end up saving space. That’s because makeup vanities come equipped with plenty of storage compartments. Not only that, but they also come with a mirror attached. That means you can get rid of a lot of standard storage units, dedicated to storing makeup utensils, and the mirror if you happen to have any in your bedroom.

Other than for their ergonomy, makeup vanities are also famous for their usefulness. Trust us, applying makeup on a professional-grade vanity is in every way superior to applying it with the use of a simple, handheld mirror. You or your wife will be able to apply a perfect, flawless makeup. The effect will be just as good as visiting a beautician! The lights attached to the bedroom makeup vanities we present here further improve the outcome of applying the makeup, as they make sure you don’t leave any spots unattended, so you won’t ever have to worry about uneven makeup.

Now, let’s not forget that a makeup vanity will not only help you beautify yourself or your wife but also your bedroom. Nothing screams “luxurious” as loud, as a bedroom with a professional, impressive makeup vanity. It’s even better when it comes with lights attached! If you decide to invite any guests to your bedroom, we’re sure that it’s the makeup vanity that’s gonna stay in their memory for hours after they leave your house.

As you can see on this site, makeup vanities with lights come in plenty of styles and shapes. Therefore you won’t have any trouble finding one that fits the design of your house and your bedroom. Be it a modern, minimalistic apartment in New York or a rustic, cosy cottage somewhere in Texas, rest assured that there is at least one makeup vanity with lights right here that will be a great match!

Having told you all about the amazing assets of the makeup vanities, there is one last thing we didn’t cover yet. Any of these will make your wife feel like a true movie star every time she applies makeup. Therefore, if you want to show your wife that she’s your most precious star, just get her one of these vanities and you will thank us later!


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