DIY Hydrangea Wreath

Making hydrangea wreaths is a very easy project and costs so much less than a store bought wreath.  Mine cost $6.99 and about an hour of my time, and I’ll be able to use the straw ring for another project later.

Last year I showed you how to make hydrangea wreaths in this article.  For those who have not seen it, there is a video from Fine Gardening that is fun to watch.

My hydrangea flowers were a different color this year. Last year they were pinkish and ended up sort of a purple color when they dried. This year my bushes had bright blue flowers that ended up aging to a purple and pale green color.  Nature is so amazing!

Hydrangea mid summer and late fallThe trick on making hydrangea bushes is timing.  If you pick them too soon, they will just wither, but if you wait until a hard frost, it will kill them.  I pick mine when the temps get cooler and the color has started to change.  Mine were a mix of burgundy and pale green.

Hydrangea flowers make great wreaths because they dry so beautifully and don’t wilt when displayed like other flowers might.

Hydrangea flowers for my wreath1. You will need a lot of hydrangea flowers to cover a wreath about 14 -16 inches. I filled this basket and had to go back for a few more.

Hydrangea Wreath supplies2. Gather your supplies.  You will need your hydrangea flowers, a straw wreath ring, some wire wrapped ribbon for a bow and some floral pins. Be careful unwrapping the ring.  The straw is tied with fishing wire and you don’t want to cut it or you will have straw all over the place.  (don’t ask me how I know this!)  My supplies cost me $6.99.  ($1 for the bow and $5.99 for the ring.  I had the pins on hand.)

 hydrangea flower cut 1"3. You will need to trim your stems to about 1 inch long and remove the leaves.floral pins4. Floral pins will be holding your hydrangea branches in place on the straw hydrangea flower to straw wreath ring5. Insert the pins over the stem above a leaf node and insert it into the straw ring.mixed colors of hydrangea flowers6. Close up of my colors.  I pinned some burgundy and then some green for variety.insert pin in a leaf node7. Close up of where to place the floral pin.alternate hydrangea colors8. Alternate your colors for a variegated look.  Continue doing this all round the straw wreath ring.  When you get to the bottom middle…add some extras to cover the straw. Do the same on the right side back so the straw will now show when you open your door.

DIY floral bow tutorial9. Make a hand made floral bow and tie it around the top center of the wreath and fluff it up.  To see my tutorial for hand made floral bows, please see this article. I chose a blue ribbon that was similar to the colors of my original hydrangea flowers.  (and also because it was $1 in Michael’s mark down bin!)

Finished wreath10. Hang your hydrangea wreath on your front door for a lovely autumn greeting for your guests.

Have you made wreaths using flowers from your garden? What was your experience?


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