Size: 6.89 “width X 6.89” length X 5.9 “height
It is a normal twelve hundred years old, made of eleven pentagonal glass, and the pentagonal side is 2.5 “, which is suitable for smallest, medium sized suculents, cacti and all algae.
There is an improvement

It is not designed for a leaky but hydroponic container.

NCYP Pentagon Top Shaped Goemetric Terry (Black, Medium Size), Cactus and showcases
1. When you make this beautiful artistic glass bathtub a part of your home or necklace, you also have modern style and classical elegance.
2. It’s a great idea to add an eye-catching style touch to plants under a small pot or to display your favorite souvenir item in a new and stylish way.
3. Ideal size for ferns, algae, meats, planes, cacti or other easily maintained plants.
4. It is ideal for adding visual excitement and great as a home spray or gift.
5. Made of ultra pure sodium calcium glass.
6. Easy access hole for installation. Please note: Geometric terrarium ONLY, including a decorative owl.

Material: glass, black frame copper, solder 99.9% tin (environment friendly and lead (Pb) <300 mg / kg, far below international standard 300 mg / kg)

What is the Pakette: miniature owl

With super-resistant shock resistance package: custom-made foam box, liner, inner soft box, protective corrugated box.


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