My husband loves the car show Pimp my Ride.  He gets a kick out of how people dress up their cars in neat an innovative ways.  But the show has never yet shown how people use their cars as car planters!

Transportation Meets Gardening in these Car Planters

These unused vehicles have been turned into gardening show cases. Here are a few of my favorites.

Fiat 500 makes a great car planter!This Fiat 500 makes a great car planter just for the color alone!  Shared from The Terrier and the Lobster.

Hand painted car planterKensington Market in Toronto – Hand painted car used as a planter.  Shared from Tours for Fun.

Car Planter in Austin TexasThis old car in Austin Texas has been painted and then planted with very large succulents and cacti.  Desert Time!  Shared from Apartment Therapy.

VW bug car planter

Cute as bug!  This VW Beetle has had the hood planted with purple flowers.  Love the color combination with the yellow.  Shared from Potted Plant Society.

Vintage car planterThe rusty old vehicle surrounded by straw gives this car planter a nostalgic look.  Shared from Car Hunter


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