The rustic modern exterior combines gorgeous dark stained wood with a metal accent piece. A full light side entry door and sliding glass door allow plentiful sunlight. The sliding door opens onto a covered porch.

As you enter the Single Loft you’ll find bright, off-white painted tongue-and-groove walls and ceilings, dark wood flooring, and grey trim and cabinetry. Directly in front of the entryway is the living room with space for a couch and wall mounted TV. Another sitting space is below the TV.

A three-tier counter space combines an end table, desk/table with two bar stools, and the kitchen counter. In the kitchen is a convection microwave oven, deep stainless steel sink, and under counter refrigerator/freezer drawers. Behind the kitchen is a large storage area with space for a washer and dryer, plus two big cupboards under the loft stairs.

The bedroom loft has large windows on one side and a shelf that wraps around two sides of the bed. This section of the house has a shed style roof, allowing for extra headroom as you walk up the stairs.



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