February 23, 2020
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Sinuous and Comfy Woopy S Stool for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Sinuous and Comfy Woopy S Stool for Indoor and Outdoor Use

I know you have seen so many stool designs already. There are actually ordinary ones with the usual plain design. Some stools are tall while other are just the right height for a regular table. Most stools are sleek and slender. But others have unique designs too. We have feature beautiful stool designs before and we are going to add something to your list again today.

The Woopy S Stool by Karim Rashid is made from a rotomoulded polyethylene piece. It has a comfortable backrest and arm rest. It also has a footrest made from chromium-plated tube which adds some elegance to this modern piece. I love its smooth and flowing design which would look great in our homes. Let us take a look at the Woopy S Stool below.

Woopy S Stool Take note of the form of this stool. It sure is sinuous and sexy.

outdoor Stool The stool has a gorgeous shape that sets it apart from the ordinary stools we have at home.

Comfy outdoor seat Adding a footrest into it makes it even a lovelier piece and yes it would be more comfortable to sit on a high stool with your feet on these.

Stool design

It comes in many different colors which means you can surely get one that suit your interior design.

garden Stool It can be used even outdoors to give your garden or courtyard some modern appeal.

tall table Stool And yes it looks pretty indoors too especially with a matching tall table.

Woopy S Stool

You can also combine two different colors for your chairs for a more interesting look.

This counter height stool from Karim Rashid is a lovely creation that would look good both for indoor and outdoor usage. You can even use different colors for one space for a more interesting appeal. Do you love this design of a stool? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


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