I have a funny story tell you. I order a lot of products online and may or may not have a slight Amazon Prime addiction. I also have a lot of things shipped directly to my home that are related to my blog business. It’s safe to say that the package delivery guy and I see more than our fair share of each other each week. I can’t remember exactly when it began, but I think it started in the winter when I struggled to take off a pair of boots. One of my socks became trapped in the bottom of the boot, and I was too lazy to fish it out and just proceeded with my day in a diddle-diddle-dumping-my-son-John fashion. When I answered the door, my package delivery guy noticed my missing sock and felt compelled to tell me that I was missing a sock. Since then, it’s become our go-to conversation. I answer the door and he discusses my foot attire, lack of foot attire, latest color in toe nail-polish, sock choice, etc. Does this sound weird to you? That’s because it totally is! Enter Skybell to the rescue…

Skybell is a smart video doorbell that allows you to answer the door using an app on your phone and it is life changing! We live in the city and have a lot of solicitors who come door-to-door. I usually just don’t answer the door if I’m not expecting a package or a visit from a friend. With Skybell’s motion sensor feature, I can see if someone is at the door before they even ring the doorbell and I can talk to them without having to answer the door. Please just leave the package by the door foot fetish dude! With on-demand viewing, I can check in on my porch from my phone at anytime from anywhere! And if I don’t want the doorbell to wake a sleeping child, I can remotely place my indoor doorbell on silent mode and receive notifications only on my smart devices. I told you this was life-changing!

What is also great about Skybell is that it works with your existing mechanical doorbell chime and installation is very, very easy. I installed our Skybell in about 5 minutes.


Below are some screenshots of our Skybell in action. I caught some weird guy with a little dog on our porch. Okay, said weird guy actually belongs to me…and the little dog too! My husband was taking our dog Pippin outside and the motion sensor sent an alert to my phone that someone was at the door. You can turn off the motion sensor at any time. I like to spy on my family’s comings and goings, so I keep mine on. 🙂

skybell doorbell in action

Do you want to give Skybell a try in your home? Well one lucky Home Stories A to Z reader will have a chance to do just that! Enter the giveaway by following the prompts in the Rafflecopter widget below for your chance to win your very own Skybell.



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