Sticking to the conventional design elements can get boring at times, which is why every homeowner needs to experiment with different styles, especially when aiming for a unique look. One of the ways you can make the interior of your home stand out is through use of slanted ceilings. As ou will see, although the end result is usually appealing, sometimes, if not fixed properly, a slanted ceiling will destroy the design of your home altogether. Here are some tips to make sure you don’t fall victim to terrible slanted ceiling designs;

Here’s how you can incorporate a slanted ceiling in your living room design;

Slightly slanted ceiling with glass doors and windows

One important tip a homeowner should always consider when they opt for a slanted ceiling is that rooms with slanted ceilings require plenty of light. This can be achieved through the use of light and pale colors like the white color of the walls and ceiling and neutral-colored furniture in this living room.

Slanted ceiling made from dark hardwood

Slanted ceilings are mostly about having fun with the design and décor of your home. As such, one should always consider a wide range of materials.

Living room with plenty of windows that provide natural lighting, preventing the living room from appearing too small because of the slanted ceiling

Cozy living room with white slanted ceiling, matching the tone of the rest of the room

Slanted ceiling with wooden beams and pendant lighting

Slanted ceiling as used in an industrial living room design, with metal columns that add charm to the room

Slightly slanted hardwood ceiling with beams, inducing a rustic charm

Bookshelf adjoining slanted ceiling, providing beautiful yet functional decor

Colorful rug and bright décor pieces that infuse life into living room with slanted ceiling

White slanted ceiling against a neutral-colored background

Stone fireplace adds warmth to living room with slanted ceiling

Use of same color for slanted ceiling and living room

Slanted ceiling with wooden beams in a rustic style living room

Television set beneath slanted ceiling portion

If you have items you would like to display in your bedroom, you should consider displaying them in the area where the slanted ceiling is low, to maximize on the use of space as well as leave plenty of space for movement. This tip comes in handy especially if you have a small bedroom.

Pendant light hanging from the middle of the room

Headboard beneath the low portion of the slanted ceiling

Double slanted ceiling in a contemporary living room, perfect for a kid’s bedroom

Small bedroom with double slanted ceiling, making the midsection appear more spacious

Space below slanted ceiling used for a cozy window seat

As seen in this bedroom, the space below the slanted ceiling can be used to create a cozy and comfy window seat, if it is close to a window.

Slanted ceiling with partitions for windows, allowing in a flood of light that illuminates the bedroom

: Bright pops of color in accessories like the pillows, lighting up a bedroom that would otherwise seem boring because of the slanted ceiling

Piece of bright art on the wall opposite the slanted ceiling that extends into a wall, breathing life into the small bedroom

Creative lighting features that draw attention to the beauty of the slanted ceiling

Bed with headboard beneath most slanted part of the ceiling, maximizing on space

Ceiling slanted in all directions

Window with wooden frame and white curtain on slanted ceiling, allowing in plenty of light

Slanted ceiling bathroom in light colors

Just like any other room, a bathroom with a slanted ceiling design appears more spacious if you use light and neutral colors.

Bedroom with a white color scheme. The white color reflects the light, making the room appear airy and spacious.

Shower with glass walls underneath section with slanted ceiling

Bathtub directly below window in slanted ceiling

Slanted ceiling that merges with wall, made with white subway tile, making the bathroom stand out

Bathtub below slanted ceiling, maximizing on space

Recessed lighting in this bathroom has the outcome of nullifying the effect of the slanted ceiling, by making the bathroom appear larger

Neutral color used for floor and walls

In a bathroom with a slanted ceiling, using neutral color shades for the walls and floor opens up the bathroom, especially if it is small.

Large oval mirror which reflects light making bathroom appear more airy

Little clutter helps this bathroom with a slanted ceiling feel more spacious

Kitchen with high slanted ceiling

For a room with a high slanted ceiling, it is wise to use high furniture. This helps create some balance in the room. You can also incorporate décor features such as pendant lights more easily in a room with a high slanted ceiling compared to that with a low slanted ceiling.

Harwood kitchen with slanted ceiling and low furniture

Another great yet simple trick to make any room with a slanted ceiling appear bigger is using low furniture, like in this kitchen with a low island and low stools.

Minimalist kitchen design that makes it appear more spacious

To make a room with a slanted ceiling appear bigger, use little furniture, or, if you opt to fill the room with the furniture, make sure to space it out as much as possible.

Black and white kitchen with slanted ceiling

Light hardwood floor in kitchen with slanted ceiling

Another great tip to keep  in mind is that having a floor in a tone that is darker than that of the slanted ceiling also makes the room look bigger, because of the greater perception of depth.

Recessed lighting on slanted hardwood ceiling, adding elegance to the dining room

Expansive slanted glass window that offers beautiful views and illuminates the kitchen

Dining furniture arranged in the middle of the room, where the sloped ceiling is highest

Slanted ceiling mounted with a wide variety of lighting features, making the kitchen stand out elegantly

Expansive kitchen with different levels of sloped ceilings, matching the tone of the floor

Series of wooden beams across slanted ceiling help merge a rustic style with a contemporary style

Majestic lighting feature hanging above the island, bringing attention to the sloped ceiling


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