October 17, 2019
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Stylish Minimalist Modern Torei Side Tables by Luca Nichetto

Stylish Minimalist Modern Torei Side Tables by Luca Nichetto

We are always in a lookout for modern furniture and those with interesting designs. Today, we will feature another set which is inspired the idea of table-tray puzzles. From a bird’s eye view, they really look like trays but in truth, these are side tables of various sizes and shapes. These are called Torei Side Tables by Luca Nichetto.

Torei Side Tables have an intriguing and minimalist design. The designer explains that “the name Torei is a phonetic transposition of the Japanese word for tray. The small tables of the Torei collection grew out of the idea of a serving tray’s small dimensions and flexible use“. Aside from being stylish, these tables are functional too.

Luca Nichetto Users can create various compositions with these tables of four main forms and two different heights.

side table The tables can be used individually or combined.

Torei Side Tables It can also be placed in conjunction with a sofa or armchair.

table design They display an interesting and powerful aesthetic upshot.

wood material These side tables are beautifully crafted from fine materials like wood and marble with metal leg supports.

Two side tables, one made from wood and the other made from marble make an interesting combination.

Torei Side Tables The set is functional too and could carry different items on top of it.

The side tables even look more beautiful when we put them all together in the interior. Minimalist furniture lover will surely be thankful for Luca Nichetto who designed this for Cassina. It could bring fashion and style to a home as well as modern geometry in the interior.


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