December 14, 2019
Home Interiors Tips in Creating an Eco-Friendly Interior

Tips in Creating an Eco-Friendly Interior

Tips in Creating an Eco-Friendly Interior

 It is always important to consider those who are living in a home. It is not just the beauty of that house that matters but also the well-being of the homeowners and the visitors as well. Aside from looking into the safety of a home, it is also important that the health of the people in it is considered. Home designing is not merely on aesthetics but it also includes the proper usage and choice of items and materials to be used that would not be harmful to one’s health. When the health of the homeowners is being taken into consideration, one is actually aiming for an eco-friendly interior.

Apart from creating an eco-friendly exterior design, having a green interior would also be better. Of course, it would be good to have a home wherein people are of good health condition and those inside it are all helpful for the environment. Designing a home with the environment and the well-being of the people in mind is called sustainable designing. So, if you want to achieve an eco-friendly interior, here are some tips to help you. Read on and learn from them.

1. Place plants as decoration.

Place plants as decoration

Plants and Greenery in Your Interior Design How to integrate plants in your home interior design.


Nothing could be much better than placing plants in your house. Plants can help filter air and would aid in removing harmful chemicals in the room. Aside from the health benefits it can give, it also adds beauty to your home and gives it a natural and fresh ambience. Choose plants that fit your home. It could either by short ones or the tall ones. If you are aiming to improve indoor air quality, you can place peace lilies, bamboo palm or gerbera daisy.

2. Let sunlight in.

Let sunlight in



Another smart way of creating an eco-friendly indoor is by letting the sunlight in and maximizing daylight. You can do this by using skylights and open shades. You can also let your windows face south to get enough sunlight. Using daylight in lieu of electrical lighting can be of great advantage to you because it can save electrical bills and prevent the emission of pollutants inside the house. Doing this can healthier for both the environment and you!

3. Use organic and natural materials.

Use organic and natural materials


This is one good way to achieve an eco-friendly home. But you would be spending more when you use these kinds of materials. If you are really aiming to achieve an interior that is good for the environment, you have to do away with plastic, particleboard and chromed metal.

4. Use energy-efficient lighting.

Use energy-efficient lighting


This would be a great help not just for the environment but also to the users. Using a compact fluorescent light can help you save energy and electrical power. It can also prevent emission of greenhouse gasses and pollutants which can be harmful to your health and the environment. So when you look for lighting, look into the labels and choose those that are energy-efficient.

5. Choose products with low VOC content.

Choose products with low VOC content


VOC means volatile organic compounds that are harmful to the health. These can be seen from paints, household products, furniture, carpets and others. So, when you buy stuff for your home, always look for those items that do not emit VOC or has low VOC content. This would be for your protection, too.

6. Use energy efficient windows.

Use energy efficient windows


Even your windows can aid in creating an eco-friendly indoor aura. Choose windows that are lined with special coatings to reflect heat and give insulation. This will keep you room warm especially on cold seasons. It can also help you save money because you won’t need to use your cooling or heating equipments. Windows that are energy efficient is already a good source of heat loss on cold times and unwanted heat on hot seasons.

7. Choose eco-friendly wall coverings.

Choose eco-friendly wall coverings


For your walls, choose paints that do not emit harmful substances. You can also use wall coverings like wallpapers to cover your walls. Or you might want to use wood panels, cork or ceramic tiles that are all eco-friendly. Aside from being green, these can surely make your walls look beautiful.

8. Have furniture from natural woods.

Have furniture from natural woods


Well, of course, you would use furniture that is made from organic materials. It can be made of wood blocks, while the table tops can be made of marble or stone. You do not have to be afraid if it comes to design because you can still get the kind of design you want. You can even request for customized wooden or bamboo furniture. This can give a more personal touch to your room.

9. Use stone or wood for the flooring.

Use stone or wood for the flooring


Aside from your walls, your flooring would also be considered. You can use stone for your flooring like marble. You may also try using wooden parquet or laminated flooring which can be good for the homeowners. Apart from an eco-friendly ambience, it can also add more appeal to the home’s interior.

10. Use wool-stuffed organic materials.

Use wool-stuffed organic materials


For your mattresses, pillows, carpets and beddings, make use of those that are wool-stuffed in order to do away from dust mites. Dust mites cause allergies and are also not good for the health. So, choose the right stuff in order to protect yourself.

Ecologically savvy communities take responsibility for systematic translations. Green infrastructure and construction have become a social and economic need. The processes and technologies used in the green building continue to vary from region to region. The gates are an indispensable part of the interiors and we need eco-friendly and durable gates to protect the environment to create sustainable homes. There are also some green options that are not only environmentally friendly, but also contribute to aesthetics.

Having an eco-friendly interior would indeed be great. It will not just benefit you as homeowners but it can also give many advantages to other people as well. Doing your share in saving Mother Earth would help the entire globe. Simply by trying to achieve an interior that is green, one can already be of big help in taking steps to help the environment. How about you, what do you do with your home design in order to help save our planet?

Do you ever think there is much to help protect your home environment? Besides, we have a more “green” attitude to any world we can do at home, how to separate the garbage and just consume the necessary water and electricity is another bet to make your home more beautiful than the alternative eco-décor leave .

Ecological decoration It depends on your creativity to stay cool. Start with the exterior of the house in your garden, the Capriche, and with the green areas destroyed at home in such environments as the living room, kitchen and bathroom decorated with flower pots using such materials.

You can paint in different colors with old tires and use them as a vase, leaving a disrespectful touch in the garden. When choosing plants, look for where they come from, whether they are organic or not.

They can be made with materials that are not used in your home. Cut cardboard boxes in small geometric shapes and create panels to show pictures on an empty wall. Be your own wallpaper with patches of different materials such as patterned thick fabrics and papers. Anyway, it has creativity and good taste.

Decorating old wooden boxes with picture illustrations. Collect family and create new objects from others who have been left out. Boxing can always be used at the end of the collection at home and even in cardboard decorations. The shape of a leaf can be combined to fold the most beautiful house walls and toilet paper, even empty rolls.

Unrecycled glass bottles can also be used to decorate or define small cavities. colored liquids or other materials that need to be destroyed, fill them with other materials such as caps and small objects. Reuse old pots and pans by turning them into flower pots or kitchen utensils.

He or she knows the origin of new objects that you purchase ecologically decorated house, and you can only buy those that do not harm the environment. Before you buy a decorative object, consider whether you really need to make a new purchase or whether you manage to make this decoration out of your own objects. If you decorate and help reduce the impact on the environment, you can enjoy everything at home.

Innovative designers do not start with the selection of colors, fabrics and furniture because we are used to decorating projects. What do you do? They redesign existing products. Following the rapidly growing trend, products currently available at home can be used in a new way, healthy decoration and green shopping become popular to create healthy homes.

This makes it possible to create sumptuous apartments and spaces that protect indoor air quality, do not cause air pollution, release toxic gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and do not waste materials and resources.

Here we present tips for green healthy decoration and whitewash.

1. Get ready to order the green design.

When shopping, we list some of the questions we can ask ourselves and our suppliers. Most of the time, you will not get the answer today, just by asking and creating awareness and brand owners, consumer producers, you will follow without following.

In the meantime, we promise you that you will be satisfied with the products that you may not have noticed but that have already followed the environmental standards and brought new values ​​and sometimes health into your life!

Here are some examples of questions:

“Do you know what’s in this product?

Is this product safe for my children?

Was he happy before he came home – did he make a carbon footprint? Can this product be safely recoated and recycled, digged or recovered?

Is it from a factory that uses renewable energy?

How clean can this wastewater from the factory be in this product? Do natural resources make waste paper?

The product of a fair company?

Does the wood business come from a sustainable forest resource, as if it were FSC certified? ”

2. Research green certified products before choosing furniture.

For products that maintain air quality on the left side of the interior, both healthy and recyclable materials and low gas emissions should be favored. Healthy and European Union, consumer health standards that you see for producers of environmentally friendly and comfortable workers. Request size display of products. If you do not see an important world certificate such as Blue Angel, Greenguard, Oeko-Tex, at least you want to know if it is FSC certified tree and if MDF is used in the E1 or E0 standard. Be sure to learn the type of adhesive used.

3. Hang curtains over the windows. The curtains provide thermal insulation, protect your furniture from the sun, allow you to control the light, and can be a very effective way to acquire a spatial personality.

4. Empty your furniture.
Designers recommend that you only get a fresh, fresh look by covering the shelf wall with wallpaper made from old libraries or natural materials. The paper sheet will be just one layer of paper. You can also find hot springs, old book pages, maps, humor magazines, a nice cafeteria menu, and so on. It supplies. available. Do not forget to use natural materials with a choice of glamor.

If you are looking for some eco-friendly home decor ideas, this article may be for you! Natural designs are always better for a peaceful and refreshing feeling. Fusing your natural beauty with the interior makes it closer to nature. The use of green in your room, in your kitchen, and in other areas of your home makes it visually appealing and aesthetic. We love all the nature-friendly interiors that give our mind a sense of happiness and freshness. You can find eco-friendly interior architecture magazines that will give you lots of information on how to build such an interior design.



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