October 15, 2019
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Triangular Aluminum Sections Put Together for the Dom Lamp

Triangular Aluminum Sections Put Together for the Dom Lamp

When I was a child, I used to make triangles out of paper to create various forms. I can remember folding the paper to create a lantern. It was a fun activity and very fulfilling after seeing the results. This ideas has actually been used by many creative designers to come up with other items that are useful and functional for home and even commercial use. Just like the lamp that we are going to show you today.

Made from sections of triangular aluminum sheets, the Dom Lamp turned out to be stunning and attractive. Because of its material, it looks very modern and sleek too. I could imagine their effort in cutting and folding the sides to form a triangle. The flaps of the triangles were put together until the lighting is formed. You’d better take a look at some images of the lamp so you will understand what I mean.

When I first saw this, I thought of geometry. It is like a result of Mathematics and Arts.

Dom Lamp The design of the Dom Lamp is eye-catching with a sleek styling projecting light and beauty.

Triangular Aluminum The inner facets has a lighter shade that contrasts with the exterior of the lamp.

Aluminum Sections And it looks very much dramatic when lighted especially with the facets!

lamp design I can say that this was manufactured with a keen eye making sure that each triangle is placed appropriately.

Dom Lamp And if you want to know its size, this image will give you an idea.

The vector design of the lamp seems to showcase to us its adaptation of any measure and scaling which means it can be available in smaller or larger styles once we change the size of the triangles. This is designed by Sintes-Dominguez, thus its name. It is manufactured by Noon Barcelona giving life to the ideas of the designer. Such a gorgeous modern pendant light, right?


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