It is always a bittersweet time in the fall.  Everything is dying back. Most of the blooms are gone and the garden has to be cleaned up and put to bed, for want of a better term.  When I realized that gardening was winding down for the year, I thought of the tulips daffodils and other bulbs that I could plant for colorful spring flowers next year.

Plant Spring flowering bulbs in the fall

Fall is the time to plant many bulbs so early spring blooms.

My Front Garden Bed will Have 200 Tulips Daffodils and lots of Color Next Spring.

I worked on my island beds this week. Hurricane Sandy made a mess of a large pin tree and there were pine needles over almost my whole front lawn, including both island beds.

I raked them all up, cleaned up the edges and moved things around.  My gardenia bush got moved forward about a foot.  It was totally hidden by the now huge Butterfly bush.  I gathered all my pinks into one spot and moved a day lily to make a bigger clump.

Out came the dead annuals.  It looked tidy but oh, so much sparser than it did during the summer.  But it also gave me a perfect reason to plant these:

tulips daffodilsTulips daffodils and other spring flowering bulbs will be a great addition to my front bed. I had 120 big fat tulip bulbs and 100 mixed daffodils.  I had lots of summer flower gladioli and tigris, as well as all my perennials, but nothing except a few Iris for the spring.  Next year will be a different story.

They went into this bed:  shown here in early summer before the gladioli flowered.   I planted the tulips in clusters at the top left of the bed and the daffodils at the bottom area in various patches.  I can hardly wait to see the tulips daffodils and other bulbs make an addition to this bed.

tulips daffodils in front bedI will post pictures next spring when they flower.  What did you do for your fall clean up?  Did you think ahead to spring and add something new to your yard for extra color when the weather warms up?

Update on this post:  April 10, 2013.

Yesterday there were about 5 daffodils and a similar handful of tulips out in the bed.  Lots of buds. Today when I went to get the mail, I was greeted with this explosion of color. (This is only a small part of the group.  There are dozens and dozens more in bloom.

It is just lovely out there!  I’ll definitely plant more in my other front bed next fall.


For more great flower pictures, be sure to visit my Pinterest board.


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