Don’t be Tempted to Eat this Fungi

On my morning walk yesterday, I noticed big clumps on a neighbor’s tree.  Closer inspection of it showed me what looked very much like a white brain growing on the side of his tree.  It might be some version of a Lion’s mane mushroom, which is quite a delicacy.

Fungus growing on the treeThe fungus appears to be some sort of brain fungus or mushroom.  It has the shape of a brain and is pure white.

Close up of the Brain fungus - perhaps a Lion's mane mushroom?It was growing in two places on the tree, quite some distance apart.

Two pieces of brain fungus.At the base of the tree is another variety of mushroom.  My neighbor seems to have just the right conditions for growing this sort of thing.

Two varieties of fungus

This fungus is perhaps some variety of  A Lion’s mane mushroom.    This mushroom is supposed to improve memory.  They are increasingly sold by gourmet food chains and supposedly can taste like lobster or shrimp.  I am not sure I would be game to try it!  Just my luck that it would be poisonous!

Brain mushroom collage


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