Living room is specifically designed with particular furniture to have fun with family and friends. TV and coffee table are important part of your living room decor.


Living room is planned to have fun with friends and family members, and it is important to arrange a coffee table and TV stand. You should have a pallet medium console and TV stand, because these prove friendly for your budget. It is a creative way to recycle pallet wood. You can get piles of pallet boards easily to design furniture for your living room and media room. You can use home scrap items to give rustic and vintage touch to the console table. Get pallet boards and remove ugly gunk from the external surface to make the surface smooth.

Upcycled Pallet Coffee Table

Upcycled Pallets TV Stand

Upcycled Pallets TV Stand – Via

Cut the pallet into halves in longitudinal direction and give them desired shape to design a table. You can arrange different storage portions that are required to store different media items. Dismantle the resting pallets, and cut them according to the lengths to enclose the table shape. You can use equal lengths of pallets to cover the back and top of the table by adding screws and nails. You can design both coffee table and TV stand with the help of pallet wood, because it is quite easy on your budget. Paint the pallet woods to compliment the other decor of your house. You can use caster wheels for easily mobility of the coffee table and TV stand.


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