I speak to people all the time who admire my large yard and gardens but say “I don’t have the room to do this.”  While a large yard gives you lots of space to garden, those with small yards can still grow both flowers and vegetables by using Vertical gardens.

Vertical gardening ideas

Growing up instead of out with Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardening is on the rise in a country where many homes are land challenged.  But this lack of ground area does not deter a fervent gardener.    They just grow up instead of out.

There are many ways to accomplish this.  Many nurseries now offer vegetable seedlings which are suited to planters.   But what if your space is even more limited?

A solution is to build or buy planters that will house many plant types in one large vertical planter.

Here are some great examples where creative people have found a solution to this space problem.

Wall planterThis is a great use of wall space.  Metal is formed into the shape of a tree and the wrapped around terra cotta plant plots.  Very creative!  Source – YohYoh

Step ladder planter in a garden bedThis step ladder makes a great vertical planter.  It’s even combined with a vertical bird house for a some extra eye appeal.  See more of this project from my friend Carlene of Organized Clutter.

vertical gardens

Another good use of a wall. This time large planters with rows of leafy and flowering plants cover the side of a building.  Shared from –>> A Bowl Full of Simple.

vertical gardensThis creative idea uses a product called Wooly pockets but I could also see this being done with the old style mail boxes that were attached to homes near the door instead of on mail box stands near the end of the drive way.  (remember those?)  Shared from –>> Ron and Lisa.

Vertical ladder plant standThis vertical ladder plant stand is available from Gardener’s Supply Company, but could easily be done as a DIY with an old ladder and some bases for the plants to spread across the rung.  Great idea if you have limited indoor plant space!

Grow Cucumbers Up instead of out

Short of vegetable garden space?  Try growing your cucumbers up instead of out.  The climbing aparatus can be as simple as this twine rimmed cage or as elaborate as a fancy trellis. Find out more in this article on The Gardening Cook.

Vertical herb garden

I love this idea!  Use metal or PVC tubing to surround a large shoe organizer and attach it to a fence wall.  Fill the pockets of the shoe holder with soil and grow your favorite herbs.I have a place on my back patio that would be perfect for this idea.  A hose attached to it makes the job of watering easy.  I’ll post a tutorial soon for this one on my blog!

vertical planterGreat example of a Skyscraper Garden featuring climbing vegetables such as zucchini, tomatoes, and cucumbers.  Available from Amazon.  Derek Fell/AP Photo

vertical blind

Sturdy blind with planters attached.  Makes a great space divider or a pation.  Shared from —Xo Bagunca

Are there other ways that you have tried to garden up instead of out? Please share your ideas for vertical gardens in the comment section below.


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