Now we will have an expert advice on dry wood design consulting.

Hans Demir, who has been involved in iron joinery and ironwork for 30 years, contributes to the economy by cutting the dried walnut, chestnut, mulberry and cherry trees and designing the table, coffee table, cabinet and shelf. that they do not affect the natural look. Hans Demir explained that the decorations that have become fashionable in the last few days are beginning to demand and that this work requires love and effort. “We make of natural walnut, chestnut tree, mulberry tree and cherry tree.We make a natural coffee table.This curiosity started with the love of the tree.Our other profession makes the feet of the project, we have the interest of our citizens.This is a very pleasant business , There are those who cut down these trees to make money. They have to be made from dry tree. Maybe you can do it in. At that moment we had old, dry trees and we. “Rate them, we give them to the citizens they want, whoever knows them takes them, different buyers get different prices, they usually get them over the internet. ”
added that the products, which were obtained according to the quality of the tree, were sold at prices between $ 500 and $ 1000

Tree Slice Coffee Table

This wonderful, solid and elegant brown live edge coffee end table made from superb acacia wood and inspired in rustic tree stump furniture design.
In this wood slab rustic coffee journal serving end table the attention drawn to the picturesque cracks and damage to the acacia slab wood.
Acacia found in the forest and dried using a special technology.

This multifunctional handmade brown live edge desk for flowers, souvenirs, coffee, journals, laptop or bonsai.


Tree Stumps for Garden Art Decorations

The dry tree provides a wonderful garden decoration and furniture for your home. They can work like rustic tables and chairs and give the garden an impressive accent. You can decorate them with color to create an exciting environment with a touch of the old style.


3 tier Log slice display made from Birch & wild cherry logs with crepe myrtle branch stalks…

3 tier Log slice display made from Birch & wild cherry logs with crepe myrtle branch stalks as center columns.

The log slices have been leveled, lightly sanded and sealed with clear Tung oil. This is very sturdy and heavy and secured with 2 long screws hidden from view. The stand is collapsible for easy storage. It will be shipped disassembled, so you will need a screwdriver.


Beech Wood Slab Adirondack Coffee Table

This coffee table was constructed using American Beech lumber directly from the Adirondacks. The table was cut to size, flattened, sanded with a fine grit for a smooth feel and finished with Danish oil to accentuate the natural look of the wood. The natural bark end remains untouched.

This is a one of a kind item as no two slabs are the same.

Wooden HOPE letters 7″ live edge carved log. Standing Hand cut wood word art.

Each letter is approximately 7 3/8″H x 2 3/8″W x 1″ thick. As much live edge will be kept in tact as possible. Typically one side shows the wood grain and the other has bark. The wood grain has been sanded smooth and all letters have been finished with clear Tung oil.

Listing pictures show letters cut from silver leaf maple. Yours will be similar in that it will be cut from one large limb so the wood, bark and texture are complimentary.

Side table with sliced trunk engraved with geometric pattern.

Side table with sliced trunk engraved with geometric pattern.

Removable legs.

Size: Approximate diameter 37cm, height 43.5 cm.

Unique piece made handmade.

Give an original touch to your home or business.

stand wooden cake

This list is for an ” elegant but rustic pie stand for your beautiful rustic or outdoor bridal cake. A beautiful show for your wedding or event. Made in a nice slice of wood mounted on a smaller, stable pedestal, it will the focal point on your table cake stand or sweet buffet, and will give you a lot of good compliments.

Add the perfect outdoor look to your kitchen, party or wedding. Use as separate pieces or to accentuate something else.

Live Edge Coffee Table- Cedar

This gorgeous table is a stunning accent to any living room!

This is cedar wood with a satin finish, and cast iron legs.





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