September 22, 2019
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Whimsical Ballet-Inspired Giselle Lounge Table

Whimsical Ballet-Inspired Giselle Lounge Table

We have seen many furniture and other items in the house that are inspired by human body parts and human movements. There are also some that are results of one’s hobby or interest. Today, we will show you a table that has combined function and human movement. Like what you have read in the title, it is inspired by a ballerina’s movement.

Russian designer Anna Neklesa wanted to show the world one thing that Russia is known for which is ballet. And she did that by designing the Giselle low lounge table. The table has storage areas and has a table top that resemble a tutu. For sure, the designer was able to express the beauty of the Russian soul through this table. Get to know more about it below.

Anna Neklesa The table top is made of steel or powder-coated aluminum and the legs are made of painted oak wood.

Giselle low lounge tableBallet Table The oak legs imitate the legs of a ballerina while performing.

unique design With its unique look, it really is a stunner wherever you place it in the house.

Ballet-Inspired Storage tubes that look like a tutu can carry magazines, newspapers and other items.

Lounge Table A closer look at how the table top and the legs are connected.

Whimsical designsBallet Table It comes in different finishes and colors too so you could choose what you think will look best in your space.

top view This is how the table looks when viewed from above.

Ballet Table It sure has a feminine side but it can fit in your home’s interior pretty well.

Anna Neklesa combined her passion for ballet and designing through this lounge table. And she succeeded in giving it that beauty of Russia which all of us will be able to decipher from the table. I would love to have a table like this especially that my little girl loves ballet! How about you, how do you find the Giselle Lounge Table?


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